Does Your Meal Planner Deliver the Groceries Too?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2012

This past week I’ve had a super sweet sense of accomplishment. Check out these bad boys I crossed off my to-do list:

• My third quarter business taxes. Done.
• My super crazy overdue second quarter business taxes. Done.
• My second school assignment submitted. Done. With one whole minute to spare before the deadline. Double done.
• New marketing material for the store with the new name we chose three months ago. Done.
• Sixty-two (at least) loads of laundry, which included the smelly socks fallen down behind the bed over by the wall. Done.

Knock on wood, I’m finally starting to catch up. Just in time for Christmas chaos to kick in.

In fact, it feels like Christmas has already started. Today our store had a float in the Hamilton Santa Claus parade and all week long The Princess and I have been working on decorations. Wrapping presents and collecting Santa hats has me humming Christmas tunes, and while I REFUSE to play any until after my birthday next week, I’m not averse to crooning carols along with the Rat Pack CD that has been playing on repeat in my head.

I know that the next few weeks are only going to get busier, and to make life a bit more sane, I’ve signed up for a meal service from one of my favorite new Hamilton businesses – Dinnerlicious.

OK, so here’s the scoop. I like to cook. I like to read recipes. I don’t mind meal planning, and I even enjoy my trips to the bakery and the deli and the farmer’s market. But doing it all? With kids in tow? Yeah, not going to happen. And we end up dashing out every one or two nights for some last minute meals from the grocery store. We always end up eating late and I always feel stressed because I never know what to make for dinner. As a result, we eat a lot of our favorite things again and again and again. Which kind of makes them less special, know what I mean?

Dinnerlicious is my new solution and it’s going to get us through the rest of the month – maybe the rest of the year. For $85, Malin from Dinnerlicious drops off the ingredients for three meals and three corresponding recipes at your door on Monday. This is ideal for us because we never have dinner prepared on Mondays – after working two consecutive closing shifts at my store followed by two days of our local stores being closed, we’re always fresh out of food on Monday night. Even back when I planned my meals a month in advance, Monday’s were officially branded as “Take-Out Mondays.”

So you can imagine my delight this past Monday when I found my first bag of food waiting on my porch. Peeking in, I was already impressed – there were lots of colourful fruits and vegetables and I was excited to take it to the kitchen to unpack. Check out this haul:

OK, so this was really exciting for me. Real food. Local sourced. Ready to go.


We started off with the Chicken Mole with Wonderful Salad and it was good – I mean, you can’t really go wrong when you put chocolate in the sauce, right? The chicken dish was big enough that my husband and I each ate our fill and put away the rest to eat later in the week.

The salad was a mixture of tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro. There was a lot leftover since my husband isn’t a big salad fan, so I made up some quinoa and put it all together in the fridge. Now I have enough salad for two lunches. Yum. The Princess, of course, refused to try anything – she just had plain rice and a lot of broccoli. The Pixie slept through the meal, though I know she would have enjoyed it. Really. She’ll eat just about anything.


On Tuesday we made the next meal, Roasted Pears & Root Vegetables with Chipotle Chicken Sausage. Our package even included the ingredients to make our own mustard/sour cream dipping sauce. With 10 sausages, I figured we could easily stretch this meal into two again. Wrong. Those sausages we so good we devoured them all. I think The Pixie had three herself. We still had some of the roasted veggies left over – I had planned to add them to some broth to make a quick, tasty soup for lunch, but I discovered that The Pixie had taken them from the fridge and hidden them under our couch. Ew. Thanks for that.



On Wednesday I made the third meal, which was a Moroccan Beef Stew with Hints of Orange over rice. It was good too – I think I prefer my regular stew recipe better, but this one smelled amazing and was a nice change for once. There is easily enough leftover for a second meal.

For $85, I received the ingredients to make three different meals. We were able to comfortably stretch the meals to cover five dinners and three lunches. Suddenly the price is a lot more doable for us. And there’s more too:

  1. I looked forward to cooking each night, rather than dreading dinner time because I didn’t know what to make.
  2. I didn’t have to modify the recipes because I inevitably forgot to buy one of the ingredients, and I didn’t have to send my husband running to the grocery store to pick it up either.
  3. The pressure was off. If my husband didn’t like the meal and picked at it, I didn’t feel offended because I hadn’t put as much work into planning it all. And as it turns out, he ate everything without complaint. Even the roasted pears.
  4. I got to try new recipes – always fun!
  5. Cleanup was faster because I had less dishes. A lot of the ingredients were pre-measured and all I had to do was add them to the dish.
  6. I got to use herbs in my cooking, which I usually avoid because I can’t justify buying a full bunch when I only need a few tablespoons.

Next week the first meal includes salmon. Neither of us are fish fans, but I’m excited to try it with a new recipe. Regardless, it’ll be nice to have something new. I can’t wait to start cooking.

I contacted Malin from Dinnerlicious before posting this and she has sweetly offered a $5 discount for people that sign up by November 14! Once you order, you’ll need to send her an email and let her know that you heard about Dinnerlicious through my blog. If you’ve thought about giving her meal service a try, now is the perfect opportunity! Thank you Malin!!

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  1. That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the parade!!

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