Changes in Store

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012

Of course babywearers use strollers! How else do you carry wraps to a babywearing meeting?! :)

This was a picture I snapped at our babywearing group meeting this morning. Despite the ridiculously hot temperature, I had a great time sitting in the shade and playing with carriers. Sometimes with the store, babywearing is more business than pleasure, know what I mean? Am I choosing the best ones? Am I explaining things clearly enough? Will that person enjoy their carrier as much as I hope they do, or will they toss it behind a door and then list it on Kijiji in a few months?

I love babywearing. I want everyone else to love babywearing too. And it’s great to get together regularly with a group of people who love babywearing and are happy to spend two hours fussing over a stack of carriers. It reminds me that there’s a lot of people out there who love babywearing as much as I do. And that makes me excited about the work that I do.

Pretty soon our store is going through some changes. I currently share a location with a children’s consignment clothing store and a cloth diaper shop. The consignment store is moving to a new location, leaving our storefront with a whole lot more space. We plan to turn most of the space into a community-driven classroom where we can run workshops, host mom nights, breastfeeding cafes, and more. We want other moms to use the space too, whether that’s to host baby showers or demo products that the sell (especially the ones that sell tasty dips) or offer classes of their own.

We are really excited for the upcoming changes, but I find myself a bit overwhelmed too. That’s why this morning was so refreshing for me.

Just sitting in the shade, trying on new wraps and showing moms how to toss babies on their back. Remembering how much I love babywearing.

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