Peacock Pizazz

Posted by on Mar 14, 2012

It seems this year that we keep having more month than money. It probably has something to do with the work we’ve had done in the basement. Or the couch we bought for it. Or the subsequent trips to Ikea. Who can say?

And maybe it’s the warm weather and good feelings that sunshine brings, or maybe it’s the progress we’ve finally made downstairs, but I suddenly feel all motivated to keep working on our home. I generally love the gray paint on our walls, but the winter has left me seriously craving some colour, and that kind of sucks because we don’t have the money right now for any sort of rainbow therapy. Nope, the only way I’ll be able to get some colourful pieces in my home is to make them myself.

Pinterest has given me tons and tons of ideas. Karen from That Mom Blog does one Pinterest-inspired project a week – maybe I’ll join her with some projects of my own. Or I could just wait til she posts and copy her ideas outright. Either way. ;)

Right now what I’d really like is a big picture above our upstairs couch. I’m thinking that our living room could use a good dose of peacock, because:

  1. peacocks are awesome, and
  2. their colours tie together a lot of the colours I already have, and
  3. peacocks are totally trendy so I can find a lot of awesome stuff right now. And then not buy it.

At this point I’m not sure if I should attempt a painting myself (that would be so fun) or try some other crafty awesomeness. Or maybe I should go back to Bronte Creek and snap a better picture of this bad boy we met on Monday:

Seriously, I look at that bird and I think, wow – isn’t it amazing? He matches my couch just perfectly. It’s as if God created that bird specifically to solve my decorating dilemmas (don’t think I’m not grateful.) Now I just have to find a way to capture some of that pizazz for my wall. Any ideas or inspiration for me?


  1. Get a large (proportionate to your couch) canvas from Michaels (with a 50% off coupon of course)
    Maybe paint it all one color? Depends if the white “goes” with your living room or not.
    Then adhere lots of peacock feathers to it to resemble his fan!
    Texture and Colour!!

    • I actually saw this post on and thought it was brilliant – you buy an ugly old painting from a thrift store, paint it white, and then you have a large piece of canvas to use for almost nothing:

  2. Staples will print out large pictures for cheap and then you can make a Frame out of crown molding in any colour to match your decor.

    Or Better yet.. Make friends with an old lady. They always have vases of Peacock feathers lying around their homes. ;)

    • That’s a good idea – I might try VistaPrint too. And, um, I have a vase of peacock feathers – seriously, what are you trying to say? ;)

  3. Love that idea! Buying canvas is always a fun idea, but even with a Michaels coupon, you still may be better off going to Currys. I find that Staples Canvas’s are really over priced! You can however get some pretty nice peacock feathers at Michaels and use your coupons for that!

    Pier one also had some beautiful peacock inspired décor last time I was there… buy of course, that requires money, and usually lots of it!

    Good luck, and have fun! Hopefully next week our horrible illness will have left us, and we can do a craft day :)

    • Well, I have to go to Pier One – they sent me a coupon, and I can’t not use it – that would be rude. ;)
      Yes, please get better and we’ll have a proper craft day!

  4. I like this idea and it would work perfect for a peacock. You could cut strips and circles of the correct coloured fabric and then layer them on a canvas with gesso/medium.

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