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Posted by on Mar 4, 2012

It’s hard when you go on and on in your blog about trying to simplify your life and find some balance and then you realize your blog isn’t super high on your priority list. And that you have to step back for a bit. Take a blogging break.

It’s not that I don’t love writing here. I really do. I never realized how much fun pounding out these posts could be. Now I’m only 10% embarrassed when I tell people I have a blog, down from 65% embarrassed when I started. (C’mon, blogging just sounds so self-indulgent, so ego-centrical. Even the word itself is silly. Blog. Blooooog. BLAHg. Blah.)

So, as I was saying, I’m truly enjoying my online journaling experience, but I’ve had to step back because right now I’m in over my head. Normally, I’m pretty good about taking on a limited amount of projects at any given time, because I know myself. I get stressed out. Stress makes me get sick. Then I fall further behind and I end up more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. And right now, everything just kind of fell in to my lap all at once and there aren’t enough double-fudge brownies in the world to take the edge off.

This month I’m working on some websites, which is always a fun change of pace. Except when a whole bunch need to be done all at once, like this month (well, technically last month). And I have a mid-term this week and I am woefully unprepared. And in the midst of this, I’ve started my La Leche League Leadership training.

In response, I’ve been going to bed early with the girls. I call it the ostrich-strategy. If I close my eyes, everything will be better in the morning. It’s not necessarily an effective strategy, but I don’t have a lot of energy to focus on a better one.

Right now I’m just trying to get through a few days at a time. This week I have a midterm. The week after that, I need to knock off a couple more websites. Then maybe I’ll buy myself a book as a reward.

That all being said, life is pretty grand right now. I’m excited to finally get started on my LLL training. I’m happy about the potential of a new homeschooling group that we could be starting up with some women that I really admire. I’m enjoying the new home church that our family has been attending and the friendships that could start there. There are so many new people in my life, which is such a blessing because I often feel so lonely.

But back to the daily chronicling of my life via the Internet – how do I keep at it with so little time? Friends who post regular online reflections: what do you do when you don’t have time to write? I’m toying with the idea of using Instagram more for the month, or possibly signing up (a bit late, I know – just trying to be consistent throughout my life) for the 30 Days of Lists and posting those. Any suggestions?

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  1. i’m a newby to blogging but i have about 4 drafts going at once and if I feel like writing then I add to one of those. I really don’t stress if I don’t blog regularly

  2. Cheering you on xoxoxoxxo

  3. 1- Committing to 3 days a week instead of all 5 is a common strategy.
    2- Having at least one of the posting day be an image is helpful.
    3- Allowing yourself to publish short 2-5 paragraph posts instead of more in-depth ones is another way to get more posts in that don’t take half a day to work on
    4- And, of course, having a number of drafts on the go, making it easier to choose something that only needs polishing when you are short of time and energy.
    5- My husband often tries to take a day or evening and write 4 or 5 posts at a time that can then be queued for posting, giving him a few days away from writing.

    Of course, there’s always coming to terms with only posting when you are able :)

  4. I’m in the “only post when you’re able” camp, firmly + happily! I used to try to have a post a day but it got too tedious, forced + wasn’t a reflection of what I was actually trying to say. The lovely part of blogging is that you’re in charge! You only have to post when you like – and that’s the truth! Unless you have sponsors you have to satisfy with click thru, + the like, just put any “rules” aside to follow your head, heart + instinct instead.

    Posting images directly to the blog via Instagram can be a great way to keep the memories flowing, as well as not having a word limit – sometimes a paragraph is all you need so the pressure to write more inhibits the real message. And even then, I can still go days without Instagram-ing or the like because – hey – no rules!

    Can you blog via your phone? I do about 70% of my updates while on the go via my phone’s apps + find that too really keeps it freeing.

    But please don’t stop :) I love your posts toooooooooo much!!!!!


    • Tamara! Thank you for the tips and for coming to my blog! I’m so happy to hear from you!

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