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Posted by on Aug 1, 2011

On Saturday my girls and I headed over to the Royal Botanical Gardens for our second year of Magic and Mischief. We LOVE this event – the RBG staff go all out, dressing up as fairies and gnomes and organizing whimsical activities for the children. The girls first visited the fairy godmother to receive their special fairy names and a sprinkling of sparkly fairy dust; then, we could have their face painted, go on a quest throughout the gardens to find hidden ribbons, hike through the woods to find the telltale signs of fairies, make crafts, and more. And of course, all the children were enchanted – who doesn’t love a day of magic?

I think the staff at the RBG is brilliant – they only had to hint at the idea of magic and the children embraced it whole-heartedly. The kids eagerly wandered through the trails, looking first for glittery fairy dust, but soon after for hollow logs, wooden bridges and flower blossoms – anything that would make a good fairy home. One gnome told my daughter that the tops of acorns are discarded pixie hats, and we now have a large collection of them on my living room table. The forest became an enchanted playground for my daughter.

And the best part is we can go back at any time, looking for pixies playing with butterflies and gnomes ducking behind trees. We don’t need glitter to make it magical, because there is already so much magic in a child’s imagination.

Are you looking to add some enchantment to your days? Check out this blog, which is always a great source of inspiration:

How do you make your days magic?

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  1. Oh wow! I love this. Can’t wait for my little one to be old enough that I won’t look crazy for fully participating.

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